Friday, January 12, 2007


Seems that the other week, our dispenser of the Elixir of Life™ (espresso maker) decided that it no longer needed any of the handles that originally came with it. So it was decided to retire the dispenser (since using an armless espresso maker is a pain) and get another one (*playing Taps*).

Seeing that Denita and I do not drink enough coffee to warrant just switching over to the standard coffee maker the previous owners of the house left for us (plus the strength we prefer would take too much coffee for a standard coffee maker), I started cruising the internet to find a replacement.

I finally settled on a "real" espresso maker (pump-driven, not steam), instead of just getting another Mr. Coffee one (Mr. Coffee worked well, but is a bit too flimsy).

Mr. FedEx was kind enough to deliver the new espresso maker today and I am now on my fourth cup and I am in java induced nirvana. This sucker makes some tasty Elixir of Life™.

Then on top of it, I fire up the ol' newsreader and find out that I've been linked by Neatorama for my E.S. Posthumus post. *WHOOT!* Seeing that Denita has been spending her posting time over at Neatorama (their newest contributor) instead of posting here, I though it was kinda cool to get something of mine linked to by the guy that runs the site.

Now, everyone start giving Denita a hard time for not posting here at her home blog!


BTW: Here's what I'm like on four cups of the almighty Elixir of Life™ :


Cheryl said...


Deniiiiiiiiiiita! I miss seeing your entries! :P

mostly cajun said...

A pump machine? Good move!

You're at the top of the ladder now in the espresso world.

I absolutely LOVE my Rancilio Silvia!

And no, four double cappucinos before lunch is NOT too much!


Eric, the Mad Monk said...

With being used to Mr. Coffee, jumping straight into four cups (back to back) from this one was like stepping from cocaine to crack...

I'm used to the crack now. +)

Need a few more supplies for it soon though. It comes with a built in tamper, but it seems to be a bit flimsy. Also need some demitasse sized cups, our regular mugs have to be crammed in there. Other than that... *GRIN*