Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping this year proves to be a richer and more fulfilling year for all of you than 2006 was.

To start off this new year, I'd like to call for some reader participation with this post. Let's have a bit of fun by airing some dirty laundry between all of us.

The rules are simple:

In the comments let us know what one of your "guilty pleasures" happens to be (please keep this one relatively clean folks). For every 5 guilty pleasures added to the comments by readers, I'll add another one of my own.

Here's the starter:

I find Goth music to be insanely entertaining (not for the normal reasons though...) and actually have a decent sized Goth music collection.

This stuff is some of the funniest shit you'll ever listen to, if you remember to keep in mind that people actually take the lyrics seriously! The whole "life is but a torturous existence" theme that permeates Goth music will get me laughing on even my worst depressed days. Just try to get through reading these lyrics, without starting to laugh a little.

The truly scary thing is that a lot of Goth music is actually very impressive and technically difficulty to play, (then they add the lyrics, and I cannot stop laughing).

Help continue the mirth by adding your guilty pleasures in the comments (we will need the laughs soon...reason to follow shortly).


Anonymous said...

reading who tends the fires

Miss said...

I can eat an entire box of chocolate-covered cherries in one evening. That makes me feel really guilty. But its really pleasurable!

Rocket said...

Movie musicals. I love 'em.

Rivrdog said...

Zany 60's films. Last night TCM had an Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon festival. I watched Bikini Beach, which was a riot, since they showed one, each and only, teeny-weenie bikini girl, AND THEY WOULDN'T SHOW HER FACE OR HER FRONT SIDE AT ALL! I started to watch Beach Blanket Bingo, but had to leave the place I had partied at, and I don't get TCM at home.

But, the movies are fun!

The films all had those racy titles, but all are rated "G".

Anita @ Say No to Crack said...

1. eating burritos, lots of them
2. staying up late at night wasting time (oops)
3. reading trash
4. youtube
5. shopping (OK, rarely, I had a tough time coming up with 5)

Eric, the Mad Monk said...

OK, we got to five, so here's my part of the bargain:

As a "Metal Head", this one is a bit hard to admit...

As a wee-one, I grew up listening to Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow, and I still like listening to them.

Oh, and Rocket and Rivrdog, both movie musicals and cheesy 60's movies are on my "guilty pleasures" list.