Thursday, January 11, 2007

And this is considered an Accomplishment?

While TTtSNB (where I work... The Thing that Should Not Be) treats most workers like mindless slaves, creatures only there to jump to the latest whim of management, apparently there is one group that thinks that it is a great place to work. TTtSNB was recently rated as one of the best workplaces by the HRC on behalf of GLBT.

Before anyone jumps all over me for being a horrible, evil bigot, anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am one of the most non-bigoted people on this planet. I just am sick of all of the divisions people insist on creating. I could not give a flying shit about your religion, skin color, sexual preference, shoe size, underwear preference, etc. I boil everyone down to Human or Not-Human. You treat others decently, you get a thumbs up in my book.

Instead of working on creating a workplace where all employees think it's one of the best places to work, TTtSNB is apparently bending over backwards to make one group feel special, while treating others like the proverbial re-headed step-child. I wish I could smuggle in a video camera on my shift to have proof of how poorly those not within a "special group" are treated.

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Anonymous said...

SIGH! Before you know it, there will be awards for ... never mind, I won't go there ....

Seriously, back in school I was taught that same-sex attractions were a *developmental milestone* that everyone went *through*. It was NOT something that anyone was supposed to get *stuck in*. Oh, and this edukashun was in California, go figure.

What I was taught made sense: humans cannot have exclusive same-sex relationships *and* reproduce. In fact, same-sex stuff is a species-ending mind-set: if everyone went same-sex, humans would cease to exist. (Another scary thought - the earth would sigh in relief if we did.)

Much of our weight problems, smoking, and etc are due to so many people not having their needs met in the oral-gratification stage. Is it better to try one diet after another after another after another ... or, instead, get some good counseling and get to the *true* root of the problems?

We are a nation full of confused people and we're only getting worse. It's like w/ the Bible saying "Be *in* the world." ... yet too many churches teach their followers to be in a *bubble of self-delusion* "in" the world... since those churches want to maintain their power over us "sheep."

"They" who want to control us think that if they just keep speaking the lies long enough, we will "finally realize" that their lies really are "truth." Just like there really were WMD in iraq, and it's not a civil war there, and no money is being wasted there. At all. Never was.

Per their unending lies, anyone who thinks otherwise is "crazy." "Really." *Truly*.