Thursday, August 31, 2006

More FREE Geek Toys

It's nice to find sites like this when we are SERIOUSLY paring down what we are spending.

Lots of new toys for me to play with:

  1. Notepad++ (finally, a neat and easy editor that supports .XML very easily (several programs I have been wanting to tweak use .XML and the previous editors I had were a bit messy when handling .XML))
  2. PowerShell (already been playing with this one. Kinda like the standard cmd.exe shell crossed with a Linux shell)
  3. TaskSwitchXP (eye candy for the ol' ALT-TAB)
  4. Windows Desktop Search (BETA 3 finally works with x64 XP. Google Desktop sometimes hoses up Google sites in Opera)
  5. Tidy Start Menu (priceless little gem that's FREE)
  6. Launchy (cool little app/file launcher)
  7. Run++ (another app/file launcher, takes up very little screen real estate)
  8. InstallPad (handy auto downloader for OS tweakers like myself who tend to wipe and reinstall systems on a regular basis, or configure systems for others)
  9. Foxit Reader (been using this one for a few months... Bye-Bye Acrobat!)
  10. 7-Zip (great little (and I mean little) archiver program. If you are still using WinZip... get this one, it handles all the major compression standards except for .SIT, .SITX and .ACE and compresses .ZIP smaller than most)
  11. Process Tamer (great for those times that I have 50 million things running at the same time, license key process is free, but a bit convoluted)
  12. Windows Live Writer (what I used to bash out this post (let's see how long it takes me to break this one... I killed the Vista OS Beta in less than a week!))

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Real Word move update

Well, it looks like we might have a move time frame.

Barring unforeseen complications, we should be moving out of TinyVille to and even smaller town (moniker undecided at this time) just after Zane's birthday.

Things are not fully finalized at this time, but so far it looks like everything will fall into place nicely.

The negative side it that we officially have about 4 weeks to get everything packed up for the move, which means that we must humbly ask that our friends who have been trying to make it out for the past several weekends bear with us until the move.

...Sorry HDD... One day the stars WILL be right and R'lyeh shall rise again.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Move is Official

Well, the old site has been placed in park and will be sent to the scrapyard after the 14th.

Hopefully, the server work at MuNu will go smoothly so we can restore all the drivel we have posted before. But until then, you've got what you see here.

Expect posting to be quite light for awhile as we go home hunting. Not that we have been posting with any regular frequency... Most of our free time in the coming weeks will be dedicated to this (and what time we have left over, will be spent packing).

Friday, August 04, 2006

New email address

With the shutdown of the old site, we've had to setup a new e-mail for our blogging.

We can now be reached at whotendsthefires at gmail dot com.