Friday, June 13, 2008

December 21st, 2008


OK, I'll admit it... We are already peeking in the package to look at our Christmas Gift!

The quality is a bit fuzzy since I have still not found the power "brick" to the scanner, so I had to use the Shaky-Cam™ method.

The little one was dancing like the gopher at the end of Caddy Shack. So, until gender is determined, the baby's nickname is "Gopher" or "Scooter" (Muppet Show reference).

Denita and the little one are at the 12-13 week mark and Zane is through the roof with excitement. He insists that the little one is a boy, and will be named Max! Right now the only way he will accept the possibility of a little sister is twins...
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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Curious Nature of the Human Ego

or Observations of Fallen Man's Obsession With an Incorrect View of Free Will Fashioned from the Fallacy That Our Choices are Not Affected by the Fall.

Sorry, feeling a bit like a Puritan writer with the title.

Having a Lutheran upbringing with a little Presbyterian thrown in, there are some times when even though my upbringing was not strong in the faith, I find myself in a bit of "culture shock" at the little Baptist church that God has called us to (especially since I find myself agreeing with around 99% of the "reformed" views).

This is a "basic" Baptist congregation, ie.: Not Southern Baptist nor Reformed Baptist. That being the case, there are quite a few people in the church who have a much different view on "free will" and salvation.

With the studying I have been doing, I have to agree wholly with the reformers that we are chosen by God, for His own reasons. The "elect" have no consultation, no choice in conversion. It is all God, changing our stone hearts into hearts of flesh. Being dead in sin before this regeneration, our "free will" knew and wanted nothing of God (for those who have issues with this summary, please study the book of Romans before writing any screeds in the comments).

Now many at our church believe that the "elect" are given a choice, that they have a say-so in their conversion. Where the "culture shock" comes in is the fact that in one breath they say they have a choice in their conversion, and in the next breath, they firmly declare that no one has the power to convert others through teaching or preaching the Word of God, only God can convert someone.

The first time I encountered this, it took every ounce of willpower God would give me to keep my jaw from hitting the floor. Giving God full credit for someone else's conversion but holding onto some amount of control over their own conversion just makes my head hurt.

I take great comfort in God's promises and in the example of Bethlehem Baptist Church (pastored by John Piper) that after ten years of steady work by God, doctrine that was even more jacked up than what is found in our church was corrected.

The Truth cannot be completely snuffed out, for there is no stopping God's plans. We just need to learn to trust, and wait on God.