Friday, June 13, 2008

December 21st, 2008


OK, I'll admit it... We are already peeking in the package to look at our Christmas Gift!

The quality is a bit fuzzy since I have still not found the power "brick" to the scanner, so I had to use the Shaky-Cam™ method.

The little one was dancing like the gopher at the end of Caddy Shack. So, until gender is determined, the baby's nickname is "Gopher" or "Scooter" (Muppet Show reference).

Denita and the little one are at the 12-13 week mark and Zane is through the roof with excitement. He insists that the little one is a boy, and will be named Max! Right now the only way he will accept the possibility of a little sister is twins...
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Congrats guys!

Denita TwoDragons said...

Thanks everyone! I know we haven't been the most update-happy folks on the Blogosphere, and I apologize...but now you see one of the reasons for our lack of posts... Thanks for the visits, folks! Hopefully there'll be more fun stuff to read soon!

--Denita TwoDragons