Thursday, February 26, 2009

This was going to just be a comment, but it became more as soon as I got to the keyboard

Kat, Romans is what gets me out of bed in the morning and what gets me to sleep at night.

Jeremiah is specific comfort for me right now. There are too many parallels with what is happening in this country.

We have the false prophets claiming that "All is well, just trust us to fix things".

We have the spiritual whoring, the rampant sinning and the fact that so many refuse to admit that what is happening is a glimpse of the Wrath of God to come upon all who refuse to repent and believe in Christ.

As much as people want to believe that America is a "Christian Nation" or was founded as a "Christian Nation", those are huge lies. Most of the founding fathers were deists, not Christians (a huge difference). Most people in this country have no idea who the God of the bible is. And the fault lies solely at our feet.

As Christians, we must ask if we really are following Christ if we are not following his example in Matthew 4:17.

As John Piper has stated: "Missions exist because worship doesn't". As Christians, we have been called to be a holy priesthood (1 Peter 2:5). While Christ sat down after his work was finished (Hebrews 10:12), we were not given that option.

Our option is found in Matthew 28:16-20.

Unfortunately, too many people who call themselves Christians in this country are like the servant with the one talent (Matthew 25:14-30). They have taken what was given to them, the Gospel, and have hidden it instead of "investing" it in others. The important thing to realize here is the final outcome of that servant:
So take the talent from him and give it to him who has the ten talents. For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 25:28-30)

The ones who call themselves a Christian but do not share the Gospel are not Christians. They are selfishly hoarding the Gospel as a "get out of Hell Free" card. They have buried the Grace of God, awaiting the time He arrives so they can present it back to Him, with no evidence of change in their hearts. They do not care about Christ, they only want the gift to save their own hides.

If the Spirit has truly moved, and replaced some one's heart, then they will realize how precious this gift is, and will be moved to let others know how close is the time when non-Christians will face the Wrath of God alone, and without any defense.

Now that I am finished with my soapbox here, I must step down and fall upon the ground and cry out "Lord, help me start behaving like I should! Let not the fear of man seal my lips! Let the realization of the cancelled consequences my former condition, through God's grace, spur me on in love of Him and others to proclaim the Gospel to those who walk in this world dead to God."

This was hammered home last night through the observations of a six-year-old boy.

Since my conversion, I have said many times, to many people, that I just don't feel alive unless I am talking about God, Christ or the Bible. During a conversation with Denita last night, we were discussing what our witness to Christ was like, something profound hit me...

I am dead when I am not talking about God, Christ or the Bible. When I seal my lips around others, I am no longer walking in faith. When my mind is not on the things of God, I have no purpose in this life.

I have my son to thank for how he always brings up his friends at school in conversations. His innocent love for his friends keeps them in his thoughts. And because of this love he talks about them all the time. The Spirit took this as a spiritual 2x4 and beat me about the head with the Truth.

How foolish we adults are, to let the world beat this expression of love out of us. The Gospel is an incredible gift, and for those who have been given this gift, how dare we deny the one who gave us that gift by not proclaiming the Gospel.

I believe, Lord help my unbelief! Remake my mind that I may rekindle this kind of love for You and Your Son, and that I will proclaim that love loudly! (Luke 18:16-17) Thank you for using my son to teach me this lesson!

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I am dead when I am not talking about God, Christ or the Bible.