Monday, August 25, 2008

Say Hello to the Kiddos

Yea! Denita was able to find the new sonogram pictures of Tabitha! So here is the first one:

Thought I'd throw in a newer picture of the Zane-Monster as well.
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Further details and pictures to come...


JonB said...

Just a quick message here, aside from a comment that Zane is growing like crazy, it's been a looong time, but wanted to say "hi" to Denita. :)

Denita TwoDragons said...

HOLYMACKEREL!! *lurches to feet, staggers pregnantly over to JonB, tries to hug him, knocks him off his feet with her burgeoning belly...*

It's good ta see ya! How are things going? How ya doing? What's the news, dude? Naturally, you know how things are going around here... ^__^


Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant said...


And just when were you guys going to tell me about this????? Hmmmmmmmmm?????? (drums fingers, taps foot)



Denita TwoDragons said...

Forgeeve meeee! I've just been busy enough as it is, dealing with the Fine Art of Gestation... :-)

Man, it's been a very long time...LOL


JonB said...

Things are going alright for me. Sounds like you've got some busy times coming up with another child on the way. :)