Saturday, August 23, 2008

Analog issues

I know I promised pictures and an update on the baby, but the ultrasound pictures have disappeared.

So, until the new pictures show back up (or we get some of those cooly-cool "4D" pictures), I present you with the same picture as before, but with a twist...


Everyone, meet Tabitha Charis [insert last name here]!

Hopefully the newer pictures will surface soon (we have no clue what happened to them). In them you would be able to see that she has her daddy's chin and apparently her daddy's legs as well. Even the doctor was commenting on how long her legs were.

Zane was upset about not having a baby brother. He looked at us when we first told him Denita was pregnant and stated, "You WILL have a boy, and his name WILL be Max". He then spent about two months telling stories about how he and Max would play together. After a little talk, he got over his disappointment and agreed to being the protective big brother to a little sister (no bad BioShock jokes please).


AmandaDufau said...

Yay, it's a girl!!

Well, I would have said the same if it were a boy, but it's exciting to have one of each.

Denita TwoDragons said...

Thanks for the luv, Amanda! :-) You're such a sweetie!

And congrats to you on your kiddo's triumphal return to the scholarly pursuits! *grin* It's sure gonna make the afternoons a lot quieter...


AmandaDufau said...

"It's sure gonna make the afternoons a lot quieter..."

HA! If only that were true! There's no napping in kindergarten, and Matty's down from two naps with the sitter to one at school, so they get home completely exhausted and overstimulated. They are WIRED by the time I pick them up! Then there's snacks, baths, homework, dinner and all sorts of other craziness to contend with before bedtime. Ayayay!