Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Post I Don't Want to Make

I know I'm off on my New Year's Resolution of at least one post a week, but I haven't had to heart to make this post, but I have to.

Just before February, Denita had a VERY severe asthma attack. Her rescue inhaler type (over the counter) had been pulled (either for re-formulation or for retirement.. reports are conflicting at this point) and we did not find out about this until she had ran out. When I called her from work to see how she was holding up, she gasped out that the EMTs had just pulled up to the house.

Thankfully, the quick response time from the local Emergency Response Team kept Denita from getting a deeper shade of blue than she was when they arrived. After two mega-doses of albuterol from the EMTs and another mega-dose at the hospital, her breathing was returned to normal. She has since gotten to a doctor and is taking a MUCH better combination of medicines to help her control, not just react to her asthma.

Here comes the hard part for us.

While the cats are not a true "trigger" for her asthma, for her health we need to find new homes for the furry ones. There are three of them all together.

Underfoot: a 2 1/2 year old spayed female tan and grayish colored shorthair. She is one of the most gentle cats you will ever run across. She gets along decently with other cats, once she adjusts to them.

Jadis: a 1 year old spayed female white colored medium-hair. She is the prima donna of the group and will dominate and set off fights with other cats (she really needs to go to a single cat home). She is also partially deaf. She is also a bit of a pig at the cat bowl. Once she warms up to someone, she is a rather affectionate cat.

Elric: a 1 year old neutered male white colored shorthair (Jadis' brother). Galoot is the best description of his personality. He is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever met, but not the brightest cat out there (but certainly not stupid). Also, like his sister Jadis, he is partially deaf.

All of them have been inside cats since we rescued them, and I don't think they would transition to being outdoor cats well (especially with Jadis and Elric being partially deaf).

I'm able to drive 100-150 mi from the Austin area to help with their relocation on my days off (with some advanced planning) if needed.

Right now I do not have any current pictures of them to post here, but I will fix that in the next day or two.

Those who are interested in adopting any of these guys, please drop an e-mail to us: whotendsthefires AT gmail DOT com

If we are not able to find new homes for them very soon, we will have no choice but to take Underfoot, Jadis and Elric to a shelter (a NO-Kill Shelter will be the only choice). We would much prefer that they went to a home of someone we know. Please help if you can.


Becca said...

not sure if this posted..?
I wish I could help you; you have my sympathy. I just took in one of my parent's kitties as Daddy's allergies got so bad he couldn't cope with it anymore.
Amazingly, his coughing stopped after I adopted Timmy, even though they still have one kitty at home! Mabybe reducing your kitties will help, as heartbreaking as it is...
good luck :-) (I saw you on cuteoverload)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw her post on cuteoverload and I just wanted to say that I have had severe asthma attacks that have landed me in the ER, but a combination Advair and Albuterol can make the difference it takes to keep your kitties. I am not trying to be pushy, but, if you feel it is safe enough to try, get on a good routine with the meds, get a nebulizer in case of a bad flair up and see if maybe the cats aren't the issue. Maybe you could have a trial seperation and see?

Anonymous said...

Denita, I'm so sorry for your announcement. My mother and brother were very allergic to pets in addition to asmtha and had to take shots everything month to deal with our cat and dog.

Your emotions and reasons are very real and I don't blame you for being very cautious about possible adoption families.

Is there a way to isolate them to a basement or room in the interim while you're working through the arrangements? I know it won't cut down on the problems but it might help the transition and your peace of mind rather than taking them to a shelter, even if it is a no-kill one.

Brinn said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your dilemma. From seeing the frequent posts on CO, I know animals are a very big part of your life. I treat mine as if they were my children. I currently have both a cat and dog, both inside, who have become fast friends over the past few months since I got Little Sister (kitteh). If you think one of your cats (most likely Underfoot from your description) would get along well with a 60 lb dog who thinks she's about half that size and likes to play with cats, let me know. I realize it's a bit out of your way, but I live in Nederland, TX (near Beaumont, on the Gulf Coast). My house is fairly small, but it's only me and the animals, so I think one more cat wouldn't crowd us too much. My email is brinnann01@netzero.net if you need to contact me.

Anonymous said...

I am also very sorry to hear this! In my own efforts to heal my asthma, I have learned a lot along the way. First, for me at least, asthma was a grief response. (Note: more and more health professionals are finally acknowledging the emotional component of many people's asthma.) So, I got into therapy with a competent alternative therapist and, as I was able to address underlying issues I had no idea were so bad, my asthma subsided to where it is nearly gone! :)

Second, it turned out one of my friends was a herbalist/kinesiologist and with her help, I have been able to rebuild my struggling immune system. It has been hard when she said my body needed to take (sometimes long) breaks from various foods like wheat or chocolate, but I don't get sick hardly at all now so (grumbles) I guess all those long breaks from chocolate were worth it. :)

Third, there are great homeopathic remedies available, including some that can help us be less sensitive to things like animal dander. Homeopathic remedies are hypo-allergenic, but I'm no doctor so of course you'd need to consult w/ a good advisor before taking them.

I had to stop depending on pharmaceutical docs and the American Drug Lords because not only did I begin to have increasingly severe reactions to all their meds (read: sudden drop in blood pressure, hemorhage, etc!) but they wrote off my concerns as "mental". Once I found some great alternative care providers, I have healed body and soul in ways I never thought possible.

I imagine that *when* (gotta be positive, right?) you are able to heal past your asthma, you'd probably want your babies back ... Would another option be that you ask a friend to take care of them for you for like 6 months or a year, while you work to heal your body from your asthma? Just a thought...

Sending many good thoughts your way and hoping for a good outcome whatever you decide to do. :)

Shannon said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your allergies. My daughter and I also have asthma and we have two cats. There are a number of things you can do to control your asthma *and* keep your cats:

1. Go to a doctor and get presecriptions to control your allergies (we take Advair & Albuterol). Note that over the counter inhalers are not sufficient and can be dangerous.

2. Give your cats a bath every couple of months. It removes the allergens (from their saliva) from their fur.

Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Now that's some bad news.
I do understand that health comes first, though. My husband was allergic to almost *everything* until he was almost 13. His parents had to adopt out their German Shepards in favor of a shorthair schnauser.

We're in Cincinnati--which is probably a bit too far for either of us to drive.
My sister lives in LasVegas--let me see if she knows anyone who wants to adopt.

I'm so sorry to hear it--I know this can't be easy for either of you!

samantha rachel said...

I'm so so sorry for you. Health has to come first. You're awesome people for looking for a home instead of running to the pound with them. Try Craigslist too. It might help. I found my sweet cat on Craigslist and my apartment!! I'm in NY otherwise I'd take another one for you.

Anonymous said...

I have friends in the Austin area, I'm see if they can help.

Anonymous said...

I know you're probably pretty desperate and scared right now as asthma attacks are terrifying and extremely serious.

I have asthma too (only 1 emergency room visit so far) and and three cats and I just wanted to echo what some other people said. You might not have to give up your cats with a good meds regimen.

I take Advair and Claritin every day and I have no symptoms when I take them as prescribed. Without, my symptoms are pretty severe. I rarely need to use my albuterol, pretty much only when I forgot a couple Advair doses in a row.

I don't know if you could maybe stay at a petless friend's for a day or two after the meds kick in and then see how it works?

I can't believe you survived this long with only an OTC inhaler. It's true, those things are both ineffective and dangerous.

I would say please give some new meds a try before you give up your kitties. But then again, it's your decision to make and I'm a not a doctor and don't know how severe your asthma is.

P.S. I'm not sure if being uninsured my be a problem for you. Advair is way expensive but I get mine relatively cheapy and safely from overseas. I'd be happy to give you the info if you need it. My e-mail's jmason8@luc.edu.

DewiCasgwent said...

Sorry Denita but got this email ad
at least not allergenic?

Anonymous said...

Hi ... before you give your pets away, please look into alternative therapies.

There are many online home remedy sites online you could peruse. Natural is the way to go.

ALSO ... what type of vacuum cleaner do you use (if any)? I highly recommend a Rainbow vacuum (or something similar). Rainbows use water in a cannister -- think about it -- WET DUST DOESN'T FLY. They can be used on bare floors, too.

AmandaDufau said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear about Denita. Please send her my best!
I dont' know anyone in the area, and am too far myself, but good luck with finding the kitties new homes.