Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Post I Don't Want to Make: Update 1

Here are pictures of two of the cats. Jadis has decided to find some inaccessible place to take her afternoon nap.

From Cat Pictures
Underfoot, in all of her mellow glory.

From Cat Pictures

Elric, being his normal self (just imagine Kronk as a cat...)

Jadis looks a lot like her brother Elric. She is larger (food dish hog), has yellow eyes and has more of a medium length to her coat. I'll take pictures of her as soon as she decides to grace us with her presence.

For those of you who have been asking in the comments, Denita's currently on a regimen of Asmanex, Singulair and Albuterol. This combination seems to be doing wonders for her, but she is unable to pet the cats or have them in her lap (Elric is a demanding lap kitty) without setting off breathing difficulties.

Thanks to everyone for the great response so far, and more updates to follow.

UPDATE: Pictures have been fixed, and the Queen of the Cats made her appearance.


From Cat Pictures

Jadis is NOT a fan of the camera's flash.

Better pics to follow soon...


Jennifer said...

is Dallas or the area there-around (I'm in Richardson) too far?

Jennifer said...

(also I hate to be a bother, but the pictures don't seem to work for me - so I'll ask right now if all the cats are short-hairs?) and I found these posts through Cute Overload.

Eric, the Mad Monk said...


Underfoot and Elric are both shorthairs. Jadis is more of a medium-hair.

Dallas should be within my range, My schedule right now is limited, but I have some vacation time coming up.

If you'd like more information please contact me through the blog's e-mail (whotendsthefires AT gmail DOT com).

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about all that.
hope all is better now.
hope may want cats
sorry I can't

El Capitan said...

Heh. Look at the big ol' wabbit feet on Elric!

Alas, I already have two cats, and they don't abide intruders.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I can't imagine not being able to snorgle my kitties.

I'm glad that Denita's doing better but it's not a perfect solution.