Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Way of Looking at Things

There are many out there that look at the way the Doctrines of Grace and Election are explained by John Calvin (ie.: a Calvinist position) and state that this view cancels any desire for missionary work.

I look at it this way: God knows where His sheep are located. He has graciously invited us to take part in a "scavenger hunt". If we do not join in, He will NOT leave one of His flock lost, someone else invited will be sent after them.

But how sorrowful will be that day when you Stand before Him and if you even have the strength to speak, have only this to say: "Even though the invitation came from the Creator of All, my time was more important for my tasks than to take part in some "silly scavenger hunt"."


Man of the West said...

The story goes that Spurgeon, when asked why, if God has already ordained who will be saved, he bothered to preach, said:

"If God had seen fit to paint a yellow stripe down the backs of the elect, I should just go around lifting shirts. But since He did not, I must preach the Gospel to everyone."

Eric, the Mad Monk said...

Spurgeon had a wonderful way with words. Reading his thoughts on the Word of God is always refreshing.

Between him, Edwards and John Piper, I have been greatly helped in seeing a glimpse of the Heart of God.

I thank God for the raising up of teachers such as these.

Anonymous said...

What a God, who instead of forgiving the sinner freely, as he requires us to do, needs payment in blood and a personal commitment in this live, made in a Christian setting, before he will spare them eternal conscious torment. In His infinite Grace, he sent out the invitations and is now waiting to see who will respond.