Monday, May 19, 2008

Questions from the Mirror

Christian, what have you done in this world because of Jesus the Christ?

Most people ask this question the wrong way.


the Humble Devildog said...

Here's a question you might want to pose: If Jesus is our Savior, just what, exactly, is He saving us FROM?

The answer to that question, literally, changes the entire meaning of the Bible.

Eric, the Mad Monk said...

Your question does not change the meaning of the Bible, the meaning does not change. The Bible is living, but is not mutable. It's message was, is and shall be the same. What changes is someone's understanding.

Too many people these days are fed a false gospel that is really the wide path to damnnation.

Too many people think that it is all about them, but it really is all about the Glory of God.

We are image bearers of God, and our place is to be a mirror of God's Glory, reflecting His greatness. To turn our backs on our purpose is, as R. C. Sproul sums it up succinctly, Cosmic Treason.

There is but one penalty for treason against the Most Holy and Perfect God.

This is what Jesus saves us from. He saves us from God's Holy and Just Wrath, and turns us from our sin to return to our place, reflecting the Glory of God for all others to see. Isaiah 45:23, Philippians 2:9-11

the Humble Devildog said...

You're correct, in that the meaning of the Bible doesn't change, but, how a person answers that question determines what they think the Bible means.

If you *really* want to split hairs, Jesus is saving us from Himself. A Savior who came to save us from Himself is FAR different than what gets preached in most American churches, i.e., that Jesus came to save us from inconvenience.

Once I wrapped my brain around the fact that Jesus is, contrary to popular preaching, NOT the Great Psychotherapist, the Bible made a whole lot more sense.