Sunday, March 09, 2008

Starting a new feature

With all of the changes recently in the TwoDragons household, bloging has been light. There really has not been enough free time to sit and work out a lengthy post. However an idea struck me the other day of short posts I could make, that were relevant to the changes we have been going through.

I'm having a fascinating time digging deeply into the Bible these days and I have been finding myself constantly examining my life and questioning many things within myself and I felt like sharing some of these.

The format I plan on using is a simple question and answer style, similar to a catechism. I know AJ will probably have a field day with some of these.

So without further delay, I give you:

Questions from the Mirror

I found myself asking this recently, "How do you use your soapbox?"

Before my change of heart, I would honestly say that I used it frequently as a perch, from which to stand above others to display my knowledge. I was driven by a desire to make sure that people did not think of me as mentally deficient in any way.

Now that I have begun to understand the truths within the Word of God, I have been trying to put that box to its proper use... to hold supplies I or someone else might need.

I am still quite opinionated, but with God's help, I will learn when my opinions do not matter in the slightest.


the said...

Maybe the positions I hold, and the statements I make, make a little more sense, now?

My opinion of truth, or The Truth, are irrelevant. If it's true, I believe it. If it's not, I don't. My opinion, or belief in, or lack of belief in, any particular subject is irrelevant. It's either true, or it's not. I just decided, long ago, to only believe what was true.

I think you'll find (at least, I did) that sticking ONLY with what is true removes any emotional investment you may have in being right or wrong. Being told you're wrong hurts a lot less than actually BEING wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oops. That was me.