Saturday, February 23, 2008

And now for the Online Resources

My last post bombarded you with the software resources I've been using. Now I think I'll pass on several of the online resources I have been using as well.

  1. Audio Podcasts
    1. Ask Pastor John
    2. Covenant Life Church*
    3. Desiring God Radio
    4. Desiring God Sermon Audio
    5. Let My People Think
    6. Mars Hill Church Sermon Audio*
    7. Mars Hill Church: Preaching and Teaching*
    8. Renewing Your Mind
    9. Resurgence featured audio*
    10. Truth for Life Broadcasts*
    11. The Village Church - Sermon Audio*
  2. Websites
    1. Ligonier Ministries
    2. Desiring God
    3. Mars Hill Church
    4. Christian Classics Ethereal Library
    5. Sovereign Grace Ministries
    6. Bible Gateway
    7. The Resurgence
    8. The Resurgence Greek Project

*denotes iTunes Podcast


the Humble Devildog said...

As a recommendation only, I'd bump Dr Sproul's and Dr Zacarias' broadcasts a bit higher. Sproul is a Christian philosopher, and Zacarias is a theologian. Many of the others are preachers. Nothing wrong with preaching, but, it's the philosophical and theological underpinnings of the preaching that are important. There are plenty of powerful, charismatic preachers out there who lack the basic philosophical or theological understanding of The Word to preach it correctly.

But, that's just me. I'm a philosopher/theologian by temperament.

Eric, the Mad Monk said...

HDD, There was no order preference, I just went down the list of bookmarks and podcasts to make sure I did not miss any of them.

the Humble Devildog said...

Oh, well...never mind, then.

Kat said...

Eric, has a very generous selection of ministries' radio programs, as well as a very good archive for each one. I know Dr. Sproul is there, as is Alistair Begg, John MacArthur, and - of course! - Ravi Zacharias.

I find OnePlace to be a good central place to listen to lots of good ministries.

I've been away from WTTF for a long time, but just had dinner with Beth of Yeah, Right, Whatever, and she mentioned the wonderful things God has been doing in your lives - so I had to stop by and offer a big


Keep up the walk, and please never hesitate to let me know if you need another prayer warrior ;-)

-- Kat

(Danita may remember me as "Romeocat")

Kat said...

Oh! You may also appreciate Blue Letter Bible, which has excellent concordance resources, and also Timeless Truths, which is a wonderful collection of old hymns - lyrics as well as (frequently) very nice vocal recordings.