Thursday, October 26, 2006

Settling In

Well, now that the move madness is over, we've managed to start being able to enjoy the new house... beyond the "holy shit, we bought a HOUSE!" reaction.

I don't even know if pictures will be able to convey even a small sense of the peace and calm out here, but now that I think I know where all of the camera stuff is hiding, we shall soon find out (just give me a bit more time here).

Most of the boxes have been sorted (what needs unpacking within the next month vs. what can just find a comfortable place in the closet). Less than a quarter of our bedroom still has boxes stacked up. With the current lack of shelving for books, movies, music and such, there will still be a bit of a box pile for a bit longer (but when the room is about 15'x30', it is not that big of a problem). We still have to do the washing machine switchout (swap our compact one for the full-sized beast the sellers left), but that is the last of the heavy stuff... inside.

As to the neighborhood, you could not ask for better neighbors. The gentleman across the granite dome from us has already offered the use of his riding mower to help with the yard (definitely will take him up on the offer in the future... the yard is an all-day project with a standard push-mower).

Zane has settled in nicely as well. He's learning the boundaries of the yard quickly, and have almost zero traffic on our street helps set our minds at ease when he's playing outside. We still have his swingset to assemble, but other than that, he has no complaints.

We'll, that's about all for right now. Stay tuned for the next episode:

Darth Vader visits the local Home Depot


Cheryl S. said...


Still unpacking?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I got your blog link from cuteoverload, do you know if the petstore still has purple ferrets? I cant seem to find one!!!! :( nice blog btw!!!

Anonymous said...

From Cute Overload: Comments re: Haw Haw Haw - Kookaburra photo

Pixy Misa - Awww...they're so cute and fluffy!

Subhangi...thanks for the audio link. VERY distinctive voice. Almost sounds like primates laughing hysterically!

Theo - LOL! Yes, he seems to be exceptionally long-suffering as he waits for the Kooka-razzi to get the shot!

Denita2D - "Mrs. Butterworth's Telephone Pole Syrup" ...???? Is this a regional delicacy? Or did that just fly right over my head? *dumb blonde stare*