Saturday, September 23, 2006

Asbestos Underpants

Well, round one with the house didn't go well... Word to the wise, don't trust ERA Mortgage...

Things are looking like you will be able to close two weeks early...

Eight days before close... DENIED!

On to round two... with a different mortgage company.


Mr Minority said...

So sorry, keep on trying. I was real discouraged going through the process on my current home, that we nearly quit. But, we found a another mortgage company, that worked us a great deal, and vola!

Mr Minority

Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant said...  Real good guys, or so the pitch man keeps telling me. (grin)

And you might have told me you'd moved the site. (grumble grumble grouse)


Denita TwoDragons said...

We DID let everyone know--for a month before we moved, we had it prominently posted at the site! I just can't help it if certain folks don't read our site anymore...*grumbles back* ;-)


Eric, the Mad Monk said...


We ended up going with a local mortgage company for round two, and have been VERY pleased with the results.

For an extra flaming hoop, we were able to get a full percentage point off of the original rate ERA Mortgatge was offering, with just about $200 more upfront at closing.

This ended up saving us about $36,000 over the life of the loan.

Another quirk happened due to the original setback. When the insurance policy was re-ran for the new closing date, we got a rate that was almost $250 lower.

All in all, we decided that the madness was well offset by the monetary savings.

We expect to close the 6th and even got the call from the realator Friday asking what time would be best for us to schedule with the title company.

Anyone with free time October 11-14th is more than welcome to join in the moving festivities!

Cheryl S. said...

If I were anywhere nearby, I'd offer to help out.

I don't think y'all are moving into the DFW area, though, soooo....

blasher said...

Next time check out Texan Professionals. They will hook you up with a realtor, mortgage, insurance and inspector if you need it.