Sunday, July 30, 2006

Freebie Digs

Well, time to start prepping this space to get it ready for when the main site comes down in August.

Please pardon the dust as we get ready for the move.


Gir said...

I sent Denita an email, but just in case it doesn't get through, I thought I'd leave the invite here too.

If you'd like free MT hosting I can get you set up with MuNu. We're in the process of switching servers right now but Pixy will be adding new blogs again in a couple of weeks. Let me know :-)

Eric, the Mad Monk said...

Sounds great. It'll be nice not to lose all the posts we've done previously.

Is there any space limits we need to be aware of for MuNu?

Gir said...

Not that I'm aware of. We host some pretty big blogs and Pixy does a great job of keeping everything in working order.

Once all the MuNu transitions are done I'll go ahead and nominate you. Make sure you export all of your posts so we can put them on the new site.